Girls U18

Manager Vanessa Welsh Email

We do not run specific training for under 18 girls on a Sunday but they are always welcome to attend the under 16 sessions if they would like. All girls in this age group are also welcome to attend senior training on either a Thursday (5th team downwards), (Tuesdays 3s, 4s and Acorns) or a Wednesday evening (1st and 2nd team) (invitation only) depending on which senior team they are selected to play in on a Saturday. We enter the England Hockey Under 18 cup and the Under 18 indoor competition


Southgate Girls U180-5HCGL U18 Prem 30/09/18 @ 14:30HHBL
Oxford Hawks Girls U183-7HCGL U18 Prem 28/10/18 @ 12:00ABRN
Canterbury Girls U180-3 04/11/18 @ 14:30APFW
EH Cup
Epsom HC U18G5-0 18/11/18 @ 13:30HSS
EH Championships Tier 2 - Round 2
Reading Girls U18 Prem1-1HCGL U18 Prem 27/01/19 @ 00:00H
Eastbourne Girls U18(+) 03/02/19 @ 14:30ASSG
EH Cup Tier 2 sevenoaks withdrew
Teddington U18G (+)HCGL U18 Prem 24/02/19 @ 00:00H
Marlow U18 Girls(+)HCGL U18 Prem 24/03/19 @ 00:00H
Not played