Ladies’ 4th XI

Captain Joelle Swinge Email 

This season the Ladies 4th XI play in the Kent Premier League, having finished a very respectable 4th in the 2016/17 season they hope to be able to consolidate and improve upon this result.

The team trains on a Tuesday evening, sessions are led by a current Ladies 1st XI player, providing high quality, experienced coaching to ensure all players are given the opportunity to improve both individually and as a team.

The Ladies 4th XI combines both youth and experience, nurturing young players through the club with the guidance of our more experienced members and supporting all who aspire to play at a higher level. The team prides itself on being highly competitive on the pitch but highly sociable off the pitch, with an overall focus on fun and enjoyment.



Blackheath & Elthamians Ladies 1s0-0 02/09/18 @ 13:00ALMG
Pre season friendly
Folkestone Optimist Ladies 2s3-1 08/09/18 @ 12:00HHBL
pre-season friendly
Cliftonville Ladies 1st XI9-0KHA Prem 15/09/18 @ 13:30HHBL
Old Bordenian Ladies 1Xl2-2KHA Prem 22/09/18 @ 11:00ABGS
Maidstone ladies 2s1-3KHA Prem 29/09/18 @ 10:30HTSS
Old Williamsonians Ladies 1st XI2-3KHA Prem 06/10/18 @ 12:00APKW
Gore Court Ladies' 1s0-0KHA Prem 13/10/18 @ 11:30HHBL
Bexleyheath & Belvedere Ladies 1's1-3KHA Prem 27/10/18 @ 12:00AEC
Folkestone Optimist Ladies 2s1-0KHA Prem 03/11/18 @ 15:00HHBL
Marden Russets Ladies 1sts2-2KHA Prem 10/11/18 @ 12:30AMSC1
Oxted Ladies 10-6 11/11/18 @ 15:30HHBL
EH tier 3
Kings Alleyns Ladies' 2nd XI2-2KHA Prem 17/11/18 @ 10:30HSS
Blackheath & Elthamians Ladies 1s1-2KHA Prem 24/11/18 @ 12:30ALMG
Cliftonville Ladies 1st XI(+) 25/11/18 @ 14:00HHBL
Kent Plate
Blackheath & Elthamians Ladies 2's3-2KHA Prem 01/12/18 @ 10:30HHBL
Cliftonville Ladies 1st XI3-0KHA Prem 08/12/18 @ 12:30ASLC1
Reigate Priory Ladies 1s(+) 05/01/19 @ 13:30HHBL
Home team providing both umpires
Old Bordenian Ladies 1Xl(+)KHA Prem 12/01/19 @ 12:00HHBL
Maidstone ladies 2s(+)KHA Prem 19/01/19 @ 12:00AAR
Old Williamsonians Ladies 1st XI(+)KHA Prem 26/01/19 @ 12:00HTSS
Gore Court Ladies' 1s(+)KHA Prem 02/02/19 @ 11:45AGCW
Bexleyheath & Belvedere Ladies 1's(+)KHA Prem 09/02/19 @ 10:30HSS
Folkestone Optimist Ladies 2s(+)KHA Prem 23/02/19 @ 12:30A3HSP
Marden Russets Ladies 1sts(+)KHA Prem 02/03/19 @ 16:30HTSS
Kings Alleyns Ladies' 2nd XI(+)KHA Prem 09/03/19 @ 12:00AHOP
Blackheath & Elthamians Ladies 1s(+)KHA Prem 16/03/19 @ 00:00H
Blackheath & Elthamians Ladies 2's(+)KHA Prem 23/03/19 @ 15:00ALMG