Men’s 2nd XI

Captain Adam Tozzi 07929 365570 Email
Manager David Goodworth 07768 496407 Email
Coach Joel Thomas

The team competes in the Kent/Sussex Regional 1 League. Along with Holcombe, the team is the only non -1st team in a very competitive league. All home matches are played at Hollybush Lane on the top quality hybrid pitch which is widely regarded as one of the best playing surfaces in the local area.

All matches are very competitive and therefore the players are learning the requirements for future 1st Team hockey. All players train with the 1st Team at least once a week and some of the younger players with exceptional potential are fast tracked towards the 1st Team. We now have a blend of older, experienced players, many that have played 1st Team hockey for a number of years mixed with the emerging talent in the Mens Section.

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Canterbury Men's 2s1-8 15/09/18 @ 16:00APFW
Maidstone Men's 1s6-6 22/09/18 @ 15:00HHBL
pre-season friendly
Brighton and Hove Men's 2s3-0 29/09/18 @ 13:00HHBL
kent/sussex 1
Holcombe Men's 1A3-1 06/10/18 @ 11:30AHP1
Kent/Sussex Div 1
Marden Russets Men's 1s1-3KHA MCup 07/10/18 @ 13:30HTS
Old Williamsonians Men's 1s4-3 13/10/18 @ 13:30APKW
Kent/Sussex - Regional 1
Lewes Men's 1s0-4 20/10/18 @ 12:00HHBL
Kent/Sussex regional 1
Kings Alleyns Mens 1st XI2-1 27/10/18 @ 13:30AHOP
Kent/Sussex 1
Gore Court Men's 1s0-3 03/11/18 @ 10:30HHBL
Kent Sussex regional 1
Old Bordenian Men's 1s1-3 10/11/18 @ 13:30ABGS
Maidstone Men's 1s3-1 17/11/18 @ 13:30HHBL
Kent/Sussex reg 1
Folkestone Optimist Men's 1s2-2 24/11/18 @ 12:30A3HSP
Burnt Ash (Bexley) Men's 1s1-1 01/12/18 @ 12:00HHBL
Kent/Sussex reg 1
Worthing Men's 1s2-4 08/12/18 @ 13:00A
Brighton and Hove Men's 2s2-1 12/01/19 @ 13:30ABMS
Kent Sussex Regional 1
Holcombe Men's 1A2-1 19/01/19 @ 10:30HHBL
Kent/Sussex Div 1
Old Williamsonians Men's 1s3-2 26/01/19 @ 13:30HHBL
Kent Sussex reg 1
Lewes Men's 1s0-7 02/02/19 @ 13:30ASC
Kent/Sussex reg 1
Kings Alleyns Mens 1st XI3-2 09/02/19 @ 11:30HHBL
Kent/Sussex reg 1
Gore Court Men's 1s3-6 16/02/19 @ 13:30AGCW
Kent/Sussex Div 1
Old Bordenian Men's 1s2-2 23/02/19 @ 15:00HHBL
Kent/Sussex reg 1
Folkestone Optimist Men's 1s2-0 09/03/19 @ 15:00HHBL
Kent/Sussex reg 1
Burnt Ash (Bexley) Men's 1s5-0 16/03/19 @ 13:30ADTC
Kent/Sussex reg 1
Worthing Men's 1s7-1 23/03/19 @ 12:00HHBL
Kent/Sussex reg 1