Men’s Old Oaks – Super Vets

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The Old Oaks SuperVets play in Division 1 of the Over 50s London League. Having gained promotion in the previous year, our third place finish last season should be seen in context: only three points separated us and four other clubs, from the bottom of the division. We will play each of the seven other clubs twice over a long season, starting in mid September and finishing in April, with games played (generally) fortnightly.

The team is permitted to have on the pitch up to four “underage” players, who as at 31 December 2018 will be 48 years old.

This will be another challenging season for us,  with a squad average age nearer 60 than 50, but the hockey is just as competitive as in the open leagues and arguably more employable. We are hoping to see more of our ‘youngsters’ contributing to the fun!

Steve Stowell bags his 600th goal for the club!


Sevenoaks Men's Acorns(+) 08/09/18 @ 10:30HSS
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Musketeers4-2LHL SV1 15/09/18 @ 15:30AJAG
Indian Gymkhana Tigers1-1LHL SV1 29/09/18 @ 11:30HHBL
St. Albans Praetorians6-2LHL SV1 13/10/18 @ 14:00AOAKB
Spencer Supervets1-1LHL SV1 27/10/18 @ 15:00HHBL
Surbiton Magnets1-3LHL SV1 10/11/18 @ 14:00ASRBS
Old Loughtonians Supervets2-3LHL SV1 24/11/18 @ 13:00AOLW2
Chelmsford Supervets2-1LHL SV1 08/12/18 @ 12:00HHBL
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Musketeers1-3LHL SV1 05/01/19 @ 15:00HHBL
Spencer Supervets0-3LHL SV1 16/02/19 @ 15:00ASPEN
Old Loughtonians Supervets3-3LHL SV1 16/03/19 @ 12:00HHBL
Chelmsford Supervets2-2LHL SV1 23/03/19 @ 13:45AChPk
St. Albans Praetorians6-2LHL SV1 30/03/19 @ 13:30HHBL
snow/ice - rearranged from 02/02
St. Albans Praetorians6-2 30/03/19 @ 13:30HHBL
Indian Gymkhana Tigers1-2LHL SV1 06/04/19 @ 14:30AIG
Request by IG
Surbiton Magnets6-0LHL SV1 13/04/19 @ 12:00HHBL
to be rearranged-Surbiton couldnt raise side
Surbiton Magnets(+) 13/04/19 @ 12:00HHBL


P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Tulse Hill and Dulwich Musketeers1493236181830
2- Indian Gymkhana Tigers148333022827
3- Old Loughtonians Supervets1481537221525
4 Sevenoaks Old Oaks145453628819
5 Chelmsford Supervets145363531418
6 Spencer Supervets145272335-1217
7- St. Albans Praetorians145182635-916
8- Surbiton Magnets1421111547-327