7 a side Champions

Here are the winning team of the Marden mixed 7 a side competition. We must give thanks to the other players especially those that won the semi final last week and huge thanks to Julie Nicholson for her organisation and to Peter Jakob who sorted out the men!

It was lovely to meet Clive from Marden, especially hearing his touring stories and we feel we have adopted him as a honoury Sevenoaks player as he usually plays for Marden. We decided to enter an Over 50s team but found ourselves playing much younger opponents. In the final we played Kent Police who beat us twice in the group but a courageous display with goals from Peter, Janine and Clive saw us finish with a 3-3 draw and it went to flicks. Again Keren was the hero with a fine save agst a rather robust police officer and the boys were excellent with their penalty flicks not missing one. It was a well organised tournament thanks to Marden HC and it also gave us a chance to get to know each other more over a few pints and an occasional pie in the lovely Garden clubhouse.