Members' Charter

We, as members of Sevenoaks Hockey Club…
To follow this charter.
To maintain the spirit and reputation of Sevenoaks Hockey Club as a whole.
To pay subscription and match fees in full and on time.


The opposition, umpires, coaches, club officials, supporters, and team mates.
All facilities, pitches, and kit, with positive contributions to upkeep.
That selection decisions are in the best interest of the club.


To the club, both on and off the pitch, helping out as often as possible.
To the development of juniors, leading by example, and volunteering to assist.
To the smooth running of the team.
Help to the captain when needed.


Social events, the Vine bar, and fundraisers.
All teams, each other, and the promotion of a welcoming, friendly view of the club.


Availability (and any changes of availability) in more than good time.
Quickly, in response to emails, calls, or texts from club officials.
Openly and honestly regarding selection decisions or other queries or concerns.
Quickly with the captain when unforeseen issues arise that would affect the team.